2019 SOCA Convention

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the area convention is to promote enthusiasm and unity within the fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous, and financially support the local area’s effort to carry the message to the addict who still suffers.

We invite all CA Members to get involved and participate with the SOCA Convention Sub-Committees.

To get involved please contact the Committee Chair Member to find out details such as committee meetings and events.


Consider getting involved next year with the “Spiritual Lines” 2019 convention. Being on this committee has gave my recovery a huge boost in so many ways. Our next meeting is Thursday, December 20th,¬†Palmerston Branch Library,¬†560 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, ON

Your SOCA Convention Committee for 2019

SOCA 2019 Convention Chair – Christie G. chair@socaconvention.org

Vice-Chair – Asheley B. vice-chair@socaconvention.org

Treasurer РJohn M. treasurer@socaconvention.org

Alt-Treasurer – OPEN alt-treasurer@socaconvention.org

Programming – OPENprogramming@socaconvention.org

Registration – OPEN registration@socaconvention.org

Secretary – OPEN secretary@socaconvention.org

Fundraising – Kelly F. fundraising@socaconvention.org

Internet/Social Media – Jack W. social-media@socaconvention.org

Hotel/Banquet – Paul H. hotel@socaconvention.org

Auction/Raffle – OPEN auction_raffle@socaconvention.org

Outreach – OPEN outreach@socaconvention.org

Hospitality – Russell E. hospitality@socaconvention.org

Decorating – Amanda R. decorating@socaconvention.org

Entertainment – Jackie L. entertainment@socaconvention.org

Printing & Logo – OPEN printing-logo@socaconvention.org

Memorabilia – Matthew W. memorabilia@socaconvention.org

Greeter – Katherine F. greeters@socaconvention.org

Public Information – OPEN publicinfo@socaconvention.org