Your SOCA Convention Committee for 2018

We invite all CA Members to get involved and participate with the SOCA Convention Sub-Committees.

To get involved please contact the Committee Chair Member to find out details such as committee meetings and events.

NEXT SOCA 2018 General Committee Meeting, Tuesday, January 16th at 8:00 pm, 427 Bloor St. W., Trinity St. Paul’s Church

SOCA 2018 Convention Chair – Rui L.

Vice-Chair – Christie G.

Treasurer – OPEN

Alt-Treasurer – Chris N.

Programming – Paul

Registration – Ashley B.

Secretary – Mike De.

Fundraising – OPEN

Internet/Social Media – Brent M.

Hotel/Banquet – Rissa S.

Auction/Raffle – Shanna P.

Outreach – Toni V.

Hospitality – Darren B.

Decorating – Jacqueline H.

Entertainment – Andrea H.

Printing & Logo – Jason S.

Memorabilia – OPEN

Greeter – Ernesto B.

Public Information – OPEN